We’re excited to share yet another successful hydrogen fuel installation in the southeast USA!

The demand for hydrogen continues to grow and thousands of lift trucks run on hydrogen every day.

This satisfied customer installation features a fleet of Yale sit-down electrics, powered by Nuvera brand hydrogen fuel cells, and refueled by OneH2 mobile hydrogen fuel.

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Nuvera recognizes Wheeler Material Handling with their Pioneer Award


Nuvera is proud to present its Hydrogen Pioneer Award of 2018 to Wheeler Material Handling (WMH)! This award denotes exceptional work in selling Nuvera’s hydrogen fuel cell products, and a valuable relationship sure to flourish. Nuvera is proud to work with WMH as a fellow member of the Hyster-Yale team.  Scott Moe, WHM President, commented “We’re very honored by the award from Nuvera! It’s exciting to see the transformation to a hydrogen economy!”.

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Hydrogen storage


GKN Powder Metallurgy is using its powder process expertise to develop safe and stable storage for hydrogen.  The constant drive to cut emissions has seen exploratory work in various energy sources. New fuel cell technology that converts hydrogen into electricity is one such source.  Hydrogen is a particularly viable fuel for various energy supplies including vehicle drivetrains.

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Warehouse Forklifts Finally Give Hydrogen Power a Reason to Be


His tiny company, Plug Power Inc., makes hydrogen fuel cells, and for years he struggled to find customers. No longer. In April, Inc. agreed to try out the technology in forklift fleets at 10 of its warehouses. And in July, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. matched Amazon’s $600 million deal with a similar one, committing to double, to 58, the number of its warehouses that use forklifts running on Power Plug cells.  

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Walmart And Amazon Increasingly Turn To Hydrogen-Powered Forklifts


Amazon and Walmart have both turned to using forklifts that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The two retail giants are employing technology developed by Plug Power Inc. Amazon first tried out the technology earlier in the year at some of its warehouses.

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Hawaii Is Building Its First Public Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Station


(AP) — Hawaii is building its first public fueling station for hydrogen vehicles, which will enable the state to begin selling cars that only emit water vapor.

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Fuel cell technology in the forklifts industry

Modern forklifts can have their origins traced back to the mid-nineteenth century through the early 20th century, when they were nothing more than counterweight and pulley systems.  

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