Hydrogen Is An Emerging Technology!


Many large companies have started implementing Hydrogen Fuel Cells over the last decade. The challenge is they had only one refueling option - which is to have liquid hydrogen delivered to them and then convert it to a gaseous high pressure fuel utilizing a “mini-plant infrastructure” located at their site. These plants are very costly, approximately $3-4 million, and typically include a 10 year contract with a Liquid Hydrogen Gas supplier. 

This causes vulnerability and puts you IN THE FUEL BUSINESS.

OneH2 Hydrogen Delivered!


OneH2 has SOLVED the refueling issue. Our solution is mobile and scalable, involves no infrastructure or 10 year contracts, and only charges the customer for actual monthly usage. We deliver hydrogen fuel that's ready for "immediate use" - already converted to high pressure  gaseous fuel. Our system monitors your daily fuel usage, through web-based telemetics, to alert us when to schedule the next fuel delivery and trailer swapout. 

This means your company is OUT OF THE FUEL BUSINESS.

Battery Replacement & Charger Replacement!


The simplest way to explain a Hydrogen Fuel Cell is to think of it as a direct replacement for an industrial battery that goes into any brand of electric forklift. Think of the OneH2 Hydrogen Refueling System as a battery charger replacement for an electric forklift. A key benefit to hydrogen fuel cells is that refueling takes less than 3 minutes, like your car, as opposed to multiple hours on a charger plus weekly equalization. And, the only byproduct is WATER.

Imagine your forklift fleet producing ZERO EMISSIONS!

Yale with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Yale lift trucks powered by Nuvera branded Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.